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Are your No Sugar Slushes really diabetic friendly2018-11-21T09:06:49+00:00

Yes, all our No Sugar flavours have been approved by Diabetes South Africa (DSA) and are 100% Diabetic Friendly.

Can I Just Purchase Eskimo Joe Syrups2018-11-21T08:36:42+00:00

No – Eskimo Joe’s is a branded product and our syrups are sold exclusively to Eskimo Joe’s Retailer Partners

Can I Purchase an Eskimo Joe’s Slush Machine2019-07-07T09:54:32+00:00
Can I rent one of your slush machines for an Event2018-11-21T09:00:52+00:00

We don’t rent our machines for short terms rentals. However we do have a pool of rental companies we supply who would gladly tender for your event or function.

Do I pay for repairs and maintenance on my machine if I am on a rental agreement2018-11-21T08:55:43+00:00

Not unless the repair or maintenance is as a result of negligence.

How much profit will I make selling Eskimo Joe’s slush?2018-11-21T09:03:07+00:00

This varies depending on the number of cups you sell in a day. The profitability is significant, affording you the incremental growth traditional soft drinks don’t. If you sold 15 x 350ml cups per day at R16 per drink your annual profit would be over R22,000.

How Old are the Second Hand / Used Machines2018-11-21T08:58:58+00:00

The second hand machines are older than 5 years.

If my machine breaks down how quickly is it fixed or replaced2018-11-21T08:57:18+00:00

We endeavour to repair within 48 hours, if the fault is not repairable we will replace the equipment.

What happens if my machines breaks down2018-11-21T08:20:42+00:00

If your new machine breaks down and we cannot repair it we will replace the machine no questions asked. However if you are outside of the metropolitan areas of CPT, JHB & DBN you will have to return the machine to our depot in order for us assess, repair and possibly replace your machine.

If your second hand machine breaks down we will either attempt to repair it within 72 hours or replace it with another second hand machine.

What is the Recommended Retail Price for Eskimo Joe’s2018-11-21T08:23:52+00:00

Prices vary depending on servings sizes but we recommend you always maintain a minimum 40% GP.

Example = 350ml Serving @ R16

Whats the difference between a New and Second Hand Rental2018-11-21T08:11:37+00:00

Our brand new EJ machines are manufactured exclusively in Italy for EJ slush globally. Includes unique features which enable greater operational efficiency and durability. Our used machines range in age but are generally at least 5 years old but have been serviced and maintained by our trained technicians only using original and genuine manufacturer parts.