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Eskimo Joe’s is a leading International Brand and is Distributed in South Africa by Frozen Drinks Africa (PTY) Ltd.

Frozen Drinks has been operating in South Africa for over 2 decades.
If you have been to the movies or bought a slush in your local supermarket you’ll probably recognise some of our famous brands.

So trust us when we say this, you are in good hands when it comes to frozen drinks.

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About Frozen Drinks Africa

FDA are known for our on-time service for both deliveries and technical, superior product quality with food safety certificates in place.

Our knowledge of the slush market is unchallenged.

We service our customers out of the 3 main economic centres within South Africa Johannesburg, Durban and a depot head office in Cpt. We specialise on delivering a complete frozen drinks solution to selected Grocery, QSR and Leisure & Speciality resellers across South Africa.

(Demographic, Psychographic): The people and teams we deal with are engaged decision makers (either owner operators or buyers) that work for national companies that appreciate a long term partner approach that supports them in their quest to improve their business and serves to differentiate themselves to their consumers

Our core customer demands optimal profitability, reliable equipment, marketing support and a quality consumable product and is prepared to pay a premium for increased success and peace of mind.

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