Frozt Boujee Slush

FROZT is not just a brand name it is an unforgettable experience.

The Boujee Slush –described as “Luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character”

FROZT is for every man and women, every person who feels a sense of achievement, a reason to celebrate or just a moment of pure joy.
Whether its Vodka and Energy Ice, Rum and Red Raspberry, Tequila and Lemon and Lime or a mix that just satisfies your own unique taste FROZT The Boujee Slush belongs where celebration finds itself as a confirmation of the reward deserved by you.

Personalise it, make it your own or just go with the flow.
Be it a moment of pure joy, a sense of achievement or the realization of the thrill of life – all are considered reasons to mark the occasion with FROZT The Boujee Slush.

Celebrate the Proud Moments the positive results after a trying challenge – when you Cheers a milestone or raise your glass in celebration of an achievement, reward or success that is a FROZT -The Boujee Slush Moment !

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