The Eskimo Joe Machine is a huge benefit to your business placed right in front of the store

You just can’t miss it

And the Joy I experience when I see the little ones hop and skip to the machine for their Slush …..

A Great attraction and a profitable contributor to their turnover

Andrew Martin, Spar Kleinmond

It all started after the lootings and our soft serve machine was damaged and key components broken that cost more to replace than buyinga new one

I decided to try an Eskimo Joe machine which I was convinced would not work

What a surprise and turned out to be a huge success and has become a major attraction in my store and contributes more to the turnover and profitability than the ever projected

Add do you know what else if it wasn’t for load shedding I could be making much much more on Turnover on Eskimo Joe Slush

King Pie, Jabulani